Things to do

There is something for everyone to see and do in Adelaide and South Australia! Some suggestions are listed below, and for more general information on South Australia including Whale watching, zoos, and festivals, visit the tourism centre, or for more CBD focused attractions, the Adelaide city council provides some good information.

Wine Regions

World renowned for it’s wine, a visit to SA is not complete without a wine tour. The locations listed below are ordered by driving time from Adelaide CBD. All are located less than 2 hours drive from Adelaide CBD, and some as close as 30 mintues!

Adelaide Gardens

Adelaide is a lovely city to visit with stunning gardens dotted throughout the city.

Other attractions

The Adelaide zoo is the only zoo in Australia (and one of only 26 in the world) to care for Giant Pandas. It is located a short walk North of the conference venue, through the botanic gardens.

Tips for CBD travel

Free CBD travel options

  • The tram in Adelaide is free to ride within the CBD boundaries and out to the Entertainment Centre.
  • There is a free City Connector bus which loops both directions around the CBD.
  • There are also Free Bikes scattered around the CBD if pedal power is more your style. Adelaide is very bike friendly with a very flat CBD with plenty of bike lanes.

Travelling further

  • For those wanting to take public transport further afield, you will need a ticket. There are a few different options depending on your planned travel frequency and any Concession Cards accepted by Adelaide Metro that you hold.
    • An Adelaide metrocard is a prepaid card which is best for frequent travellers longer than 3 days. They are sold at most newsagents and some other convenience stores, but please note you cannot buy a metrocard on board a bus, train or tram, but you can top up a metrocard on a train or tram. A metrocard offers cheaper fares but they can only be topped up in increments of $5.00 however, and any remaining value is not refundable.
    • A Visitor pass is a metrocard designed for visitors and provides unlimited travel over 3 consecutive days. Great for exploring the city over the weekend!
    • A daytrip ticket provides unlimited travel until 4am the morning after it is first validated. They can be purchased on board, and provide better value than single trip tickets for more than one trip on that day.
    • A single trip ticket is valid for up to 2 hours of travel. You can travel as many times as you want within the 2 hours, and they can be purchased onboard.
    • To compare the fares, visit the Adelaide Metro website.
  • The Adelaide Metro Website also has a Journey Planner to help with finding public transport to your desired destination. Google maps also does a pretty good job around Adelaide and suburbs.