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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including conflict, geopolitics, defence and sport.

Rampant aeroplane spoofing shows global GPS dependence, regulatory frailty

Aviation regulators, manufacturers, trade bodies and airlines held an emergency meeting in Cologne to discuss GPS interference.

Signal: only 5% of COP28 hydrogen projects get final investment – expert

Despite collaboration on hydrogen deals between Spain and France, COP28 has struggled to deliver tangible green transport results.

Signal: Thanksgiving weekend drives busiest day ever at US airports

More than 2.9 million passengers passed through US airports on Thanksgiving Sunday.

Signal: Bogota’s El Dorado Airport could boost capacity by 93% – study

As Colombia’s tourism increases, El Dorado Airport is expected to accommodate up to 100 million passengers per year by 2037.

Signal: Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport remains open as Israel-Palestine air strikes escalate

Israeli airlines have announed emergency flights into Ben Gurion despite Hamas targeting the airport with missile strikes.

Signal: Peru airlines bounce back to pre-pandemic traffic levels

LATAM Airlines’ dominance is rising as Peru’s aviation industry overcomes airline and airport closures.

Signal: Saudi Arabia to unveil Red Sea International Airport by year-end

Transport and tourism jobs rise as Saudi Arabian Airlines named the first airline to operate at the airport.

Signal: Indian Railways pledges $3.9bn as first female CEO takes charge

Jaya Varma Sinha’s appointment as Chairman and CEO has seen Indian Railway Finance Corporation share prices rise dramatically.

Signal: Mexican government hands control of capital’s airport to military

President Obrador has placed the navy in charge of Mexico City International Airport and acquired bankrupt airline Mexicana de Aviacion.

Signal: jobs for UK transport ticket agents and clerks hit six-month low

As airlines struggle with staff shortages and railway workers contest ticket office closures, UK transport jobs hirings have slumped to their lowest point in 2023.