With GroundStar, INFORM offers the most comprehensive software suite for the optimisation of aviation processes currently on the market.

It fulfils all requirements of the companies involved in airline and airport operations and covers a wide range of solutions such as ground handling, aircraft engineering, airport operations, and hub and turnaround management.

GroundStar helps customers to run their operations smoothly and cost-effectively while improving punctuality and passenger satisfaction.

Airport cargo and baggage handling solutions

INFORM’s cargo and express shipping solution optimises the long-term, seasonal, and real-time allocation of air cargo logistics for small or large hubs.

INFORM's Gates and Stands Management solution offers strategic, seasonal and tactical planning for gates, apron positions and terminal resources.
INFORM's Ramp Services solution covers all services that are incurred during the ground time of an aircraft and are required for successful aircraft handling. Image courtesy of rentokill72 / Fotolia.
INFORM's Passenger Services solution provides a real-time scheduling system for employees. Image courtesy of Neustockimages / iStock.
INFORM's Special Services solution provides efficient support in the planning and allocation of resources. Image courtesy of flashpics / Fotolia.
INFORM's Aircraft Maintenance solution results in a complete overview of all planned tasks for the day, employees and the corresponding allocation of the aircraft. Image courtesy of christian42 / Fotolia.
INFORM's Transfer Management solution supports the entire transfer operation.
INFORM's GSE Management Solution tracks and monitors ground service equipment. Image courtesy of tan4ikk / Fotolia.
INFORM's Cargo and Express Shipping solution supports the strategic and tactical planning of transport processes.
INFORMs De-icing Solution addresses all challenges linked with aircraft de-icing. Photo courtesy of Alexander Kirch
GroundStar RealTime myStaff app

It provides a user-centric decision platform for improving driver assignment and tour building. Based on predefined rules such as urgency and type of cargo product, the system assigns a priority level to each task. Efficient pick-up times and dolly train movements ensure the maximum utilisation of vehicles and drivers. As a result, the most important cargo is always given priority and processed on time.

Triggered by telematics, the system displays the progress of each tour. Actual waiting times at security checkpoints are easily calculated using the location-based information gathered. The algorithms then forecast all waiting times for upcoming tasks automatically, providing enough flexibility to adjust allocation plans as air cargo traffic changes. If needed, the advanced graphical user interface (GUI) highlights those situations that require additional attention, increasing operational awareness.

INFORM also offers a software solution for the improved planning and real-time allocation of baggage handling resources and baggage transport.

INFORM recently developed a new transport handling view, which is a new dispatching view that combines both cargo and baggage handling divisions. In doing so, the solution summarises and prioritises information in an efficient way. The new dispatching view provides users with a comprehensible and intuitive overview of pending tasks and available resources, allowing them to deal with growing complexity and supply and resource shortages to maximise productivity.

Turnaround management solution

GroundStar brings a high degree of transparency to the turnaround processes. All major clearance activities, milestones, passenger connections, and baggage and crew transfers, as well as their interdependencies, can be monitored in real time.

Possible bottlenecks are identified early and those responsible can be notified immediately via mobile devices. Based on the flight and handling details monitored, an impending flight delay can be calculated, resulting in a reliable assessment of which processes may cause potential delays. This way, appropriate countermeasures can be taken to avoid operational disruptions.

To solve the problem, the software also includes cost-based decision support that considers factors such as delay costs, rebooking costs, and crew costs.

Scheduling solutions for airport employees

INFORM’s workforce management solution is an integrated rostering solution containing an optimiser, which takes dynamic and complex requirements into account.

Flexible shift and working time models are important for airline and ground handling management. Workload demands can fluctuate significantly, meaning that staff scheduling has keep up with unpredictable flight changes and employee absences.

Airport gate and stand management

INFORM’s gates and stands management solution provides seasonal and tactical planning for the control of gates, terminal resources, and apron positions. The platform automatically supplies relevant data to users and third-party systems.

Equally important is the customer satisfaction of both passengers and airlines. In this case, punctuality of  airlines and passengers, and preferences in the allocation of gates and service counters are vital factors.

Airport ramp services

INFORM’s ramp services solution covers all services required for successful aircraft ground handling.

The solution monitors aircraft loading, ramp handling, and bag management and transport. It also manages aircraft movements and ground transportation and has been optimised to provide cost-effective processes and high customer satisfaction.

Real-time passenger requirement services

INFORM’s passenger services solution provides a real-time scheduling system for employees. The system meets a range of requirements and covers employees with different skills and skill profiles, passengers that need specialised services, continuous rescheduling of handling activities, and an increasing trend towards self-service and congested terminals.

The management of staff, equipment and assistance requests can be effectively planned and coordinated in real-time with INFORM’s Special Services Solution. The solution effectively supports customers in the allocation of resources and enables mobile phones to be used to provide full control over services to passengers with reduced mobility, children, Meet and Assist, or VIP passengers.

Aircraft maintenance platforms

INFORM’s aircraft maintenance solution supports dispatcher operations, from planning to the assignment stage. The real-time scheduling system provides a complete overview of all planned tasks for the day, active employees, and the corresponding allocation of aircraft.

Using a first-class optimiser, which reacts to any changes in the plan, the dispatcher can easily focus on situations that require special attention.

Flight transfer management for passenger and baggage connections

Monitoring passenger and baggage connections has become increasingly important due to an increase in transfer operations and shorter ground times.

INFORM’s transfer management solution supports the entire transfer operation, from the dispatch of terminal staff for short and missed transfer connections, to making changes in the reservation system, and evaluating and reporting operation efficiency through dashboards.

Ground service equipment management for airports

INFORM’s ground service equipment (GSE) management solution tracks and monitors GSE during airport operations and offers online information about equipment status, location, and telematics input.

The company’s solution offers a variety of operational updates, including efficiency and incident reports, for GSE.

De-icing solutions for airports

INFORM’s de-icing solution addresses aircraft de-icing challenges and offers high-quality support for optimised processes. Requests can be carried out automatically using a connected interface or registered verbally. The solution enables the management of de-icing vehicles and areas, alongside staff scheduling.


INFORM has been developing scientifically substantiated optimisation algorithms for improving airport efficiency. As a global leader with over 70 customers in more than 160 airports worldwide, INFORM has proven its effective and long-term capacity for innovation.